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Keeping stories fresh and authentic is sometimes hard for a writer, at least for me. I don’t always know how someone is going to respond and act. You can write up histories, do online quizzes in your character’s voice or mind, do lots of acting exercises to really understand your character, but sometimes it’s hard to capture the finer points of character and relationships if it’s all you. Some writers are very self-insert in that they write about what they know, or about themselves and people they know. Some writers, and this one is more me, have more of a multiple personality where the character is a full person almost inside their head. It’s hard to describe. But it’s like the character is a person you knew from some other time, a memory of a whole person in your head. Those are my favorite characters to write. People I feel like I know.

But even with those types of character, it’s sometimes hard to really feel the interactions. Finding a good roleplay group or partner is a great way to play out plots, situations, character development. The internet is littered with them. And as most writers suffer from the lovely disease of procrastination, you could easily spend hours “studying” your character this way. For me, it’s fun to bounce ideas off of people and have a support system from fellow writers this way. It’s fun, motivating, and inspiring.

How do you get in your character’s head? Are you a situational writer or someone who knows your characters like people? What do you do to keep your writing and stories fresh and authentic?


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So I haven’t posted about my nano experience here yet. I’ve been taking some recovery time! HA! My November was insane. My husband got the flu for ten days. I got the flu for 14 days. I got really sick again at the beginning of November. Then there was a big financial drama crisis with stolen identity and some family drama, too. It was an insane month! But I was determined to win. If you look up my writing chart on the site, it is the MOST effed up writing bar graph I’ve ever seen. I only wrote 8 days in November and I WON! WTH! That last day I wrote 13,800 words in one day. The thought of it makes me dizzy, but Scrivener at half price beckoned me forward. The best part of that last day, is I did it in 6 hours. I don’t even have words. Because I think my brain is still mashed potatoes.

What a story though! For some people, it’s about the winning, but for me Nano has always been about writing and community. It means everything to me to be encouraged to write and come together with others on the same journey. I’m really proud of what we all accomplished, whether you got the shiny winner plate or not.

I am working on finishing up the story and editing that one and another one to be submitted. I also have 2 additional series in the works and need to get those spit out sometime. So this year and next year will be a focus on writing. I’ve also written a total of 4 short stories ranging from 500-10,000 words throughout the month of November and today, NOT added into my novel word count above! I am impressed with myself, but more than that, I feel like I’m finally working wholeheartedly towards making my writing dream come true with a support system in place.

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More writing links

http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/plots.htm A GREAT site with lists of plot ideas.

http://svenjaliv.blogspot.com/2011/10/word-count-trackers-for-nanowrimo-2011.html Awesome word count trackers. These are great not just for nano, but for writing in general if you want to make something out of it. An EXCELLENT way to make yourself be more organized and professional about your writing.

http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/print-the-writing-cheatsheet-nanowrimo-tip-12_b42135 Excellent pocket guide to plots and more ideas for writing and keeping going.

Plot generators:





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Trying to find time to write can sometimes be tricky. There’s always something I could be doing, or often I feel like I should be doing. But worse than that is the distractions when I sit down to write something. I end up wanting to check my facebook for the umpteenth time, refresh my blog reader, or surf on pinterest. I’m hanging out on twitter, watching shows on netflix, downloading things from the internet. Or lately, making friends on AIM and other chat places and playing online games. These run the gamut of online mmorpgs to online text based rpgs, which I’m currently in love with.

Though I’m driven crazy at times by my procrastination tendencies, sometimes it’s useful. In the case of the role play games, or talking with friends about life problems, these often inspire me. It gives me ideas for characters and plots, little elements or quirks to add to a person to make them more realistic. Though, then I have another distraction to add to my list of distractions: ideas for future work.

Are there things that distract you? How do you get back on track?

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I, along with a plethora of others, am subjecting myself to the punishment, I mean loveliness, that is NANOWRIMO! Spit out a 50,000 word novel in a month? NO PROBLEM! But this isn’t so much about nano as it is about writing in general. Never have I had so many people to talk with about writing, to encourage, to whine. I love it! I love the community we share for this one month, though fleeting, and I wish it lasted longer.

So today, I’m coming with lots of pep for those looking for inspiration and LOTS of freebies and goodies for anyone that is wanting to hone their craft. ENJOY LOVELIES!

7 free e-books until November 12th about writing!

Are you inspired and loafing about? Go read THE BUTT KICKING THREAD on the nanowrimo site for some tough love and get back to work!

30 tips from galleycat a blog about news in the writing world plus writing tips

A step by step breakdown to write 10,000 vs. 2,000 words a day.

Enjoy lovelies! And share the wealth!

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I’m going to do Nano this year, so I need buddies! I love being a nano cheerleader, so add me! I’m betta329 in Switzerland of course!

Nanowrimo is a great opportunity to come together with other writers and push yourself with a whole group of people torturing themselves, too. 😉 I’m still trying to find a plot. HA! Really I’m trying to decide what I want to do with it. I wanted to work on an original romance, taking something I’ve written in fanfic and reworking it to novel length proportions. Not sure if I can swing it though. I have another gift fic to do for Harry Potter fandom, and I’ve got another super secret in the story in the works, but it’s definitely not gonna hit 50,000.

What do you do when your story is too big for you? I started this sci-fi story, but I feel like I don’t know enough about it to do it justice. The style is really different than what I write. It’s very dialogue heavy. The story is a person developing a relationship with an Artificial Intelligence and through their interactions the AI develops sentience and feelings. When I write, I’m very focused on sensory details and the internal emotions of the character, not omniscience, but depicting it through other ways. With an AI, there’s no physical interactions. There’s no internal anything really. Which brings me to where I’m stuck with it.

what makes someone human? what makes someone sentient? the computer only responds to stimuli, is that what humans do, too? Do we input ourselves or do we only respond to external stimuli? and what is a relationship, a real lasting relationship, than spending time with someone and sharing things like this? how do you show a scene developing a relationship where she’s just talking to the microphone?

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A great site explaining some of the more outrageous differences between Switzerland and the States: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~terry/english/surprising.switzerland.html

My favorite part is the rules about naming your kid. Although there isn’t a list of names, per se, you cannot name your kid anything that would be offensive, not actually a name, or damaging to the child. The name has to be approved by the records office within 3 days. If it is inappropriate or something that would be deemed “strange” by the Swiss populace you have to get a letter from your country of origin stating it is an appropriate name for your kid. So you can’t name your kid Budweiser or Cannabis. Nothing like shmaboogiesnicklesnickle. No Topanga. No Shithead (it’s pronounced She-Thay NAUGHTY!).

We have a place to live! It’s a beautiful one bedroom with a fully furnished kitchen (remodeled with EVERYTHING from Ikea). And partial bills paid. It’s really amazing to find a place like this as most places over here don’t even have light fixtures, just the wires dangling down from the ceiling. One we saw did not have a toilet seat or sinks. They MEAN unfurnished. 😀 It’s nice though because it means that it is THAT customizable. Down to the not having closets and everyone buying armoires and such. And yesterday we went and the guy sold us all his furniture. Some of the pieces are too big for our liking, and we’d like to get at least a futon for guests, but it’s really beautiful and modern. HUZZAH!

It’s starting to cool off here. I am really excited about winter because they do bobsled and luge runs up in the alps. I WANT TO GO SO BADLY! It snowed last weekend and we went up a little mountain trail and hiked around a bit in a wooded forest. It was so old and overgrown. Really magical and inspirational.

We went to the UN. It was pretty cool, but you can only take pictures from the outside. Some bigwig foreign dignitaries came over and they had cops out all over on the corners of pretty much every street with these huge guns. But cops over here don’t just have guns. Oh no. They have tanks! Huge tanks! There were 3 HUGE TANKS sitting outside the UN with Police stickers on it and Police standing all over it. I did not get a picture though because I didn’t want to get shot. By a TANK!

In other words, don’t fuck with the Police.

We went to the flower festival in Yvoire last week. The smell of the countless geraniums and the colors overflowing from the ancient structures was just mind blowing. We got meat crepes and homemade french fries that were to die for, and this from the person that detests potatoes.

After the festival we went up on top of a short mountain (probably 4000 feet or so) and found this beautiful chateau that looked just like a castle. But it was nothing compared to Chillon (pronounced shown) Castle. We got an amazing bottle of wine that is made there and wandered around for hours. There’s over 700 pictures on our respective cameras, but I only posted my favorites. I studied the works of Byron in school and he was one of my inspirations to write fantastic stories with huge plots and epic details. His “superheroes” and focus on ego is really wonderful. He’s one of my favorite poets, along with Keats, Wordsworth, and Shelley of course. Coleridge is good if you want to feel like you’re brain just exploded and leaked out your ear. Walking in the footsteps of the greats, in a land filled with enchanting oases, calm living, and a value for history has me filled with whimsical notions of not so far off places in times long past with figures I’ve admired for years. Like Anne Boleyn, for example. Someday I’ll share my thoughts on this tragic heroine, misunderstood and misrepresented for being a woman striving for the stars.

Speaking of inspiration, I’m writing again. After reading and editing 2 AMAZING books for friends and getting some market analyses from some publishers I decided to put the werewolf story aside and start something new. Hopefully my friends won’t forget me when the film options and book tours start happening. I’m building a confidence to submit this one as it’s more adult. Not that I’m not confident in my work, but it’s more of a nervousness. I don’t read reviews of my stuff usually (unless I’m getting an award notification, which has been happening a lot recently) but I don’t share my work with people I know in real life. It’s embarrassing to share your hopes and dreams and fantasies with someone you know well because I feel like people are really judgmental and I don’t want someone I know in real life telling me that I’m weird or perverted or OMG you sit around thinking about effed up stuff all day. So I keep my accomplishments to myself. So the werewolf story is out to 2 publishers that are interested, and if neither of them pick it up I’m moving on. But today I’m 5500 words into a new what will probably be a novella.

2 nights ago we watched A Knight’s Tale, one of my favorite movies of all time, and walking among the ruins of great battles from a world long forgotten makes my heart ache from the overflowing joy of being here. A dream come true.

A man can change his stars.

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