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As you all already know I’m sure, this weekend is going to be the last beta weekend for Star Wars The Old Republic and EVERYONE is invited! Here’s some things of note when I played.

Empire storylines are WAY better than Republic, but Republic zones and people are prettier.

You can be REALLY evil really fast on the empire storylines, and kinda evil on the republic ones. I only got to level 6 on my Jedi Consular and level 11 on my Sith Inquisitor, though.

The amount of customization will make you want to vomit. Bioware spared no expense here. There are hundreds of combinations, just to start, and the cut scenes reflect your choices. Down to doing what every girl does when she gets a new barbie and strips them down naked. Mine ended up in her skivvies in a cut scene. It was awesome. Well, except the grey granny panties all the girls wear. That wasn’t so much fun.

The amount of customization in the story lines is really ridiculous. Like KOTOR of old, you’re character can truly reflect your (or your made up) personality. Down to the making them feel guilt over force lightning someone to death. It was AWESOME!

Game wise, it’s phenomenal. I will play this game forever!

However, there are some things to be noted about the gameplay.

Some of the issues I mentioned in a previous post or two have been addressed, such as now having options to auto attack, autoloot, and auto target the next mob in a group. But there are some new gameplay issues that REALLY need to be addressed before launch date.

I understand the test I was involved in was a stress test meant to see how the server would do when overloaded. The server did not do well. Have you ever been walking through Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, on an expansion launch date or a preset server raid day, on an old pc that would burn you from trying to run the damn game, and your character is frozen in place and you wait ten minutes to take a step? Yeah. You know how that sucks? That’s how it was THE ENTIRE MOTHER FRACKING WEEKEND! I have NEVER been so disappointed with lag in my life. I died multiple times because of the lag. I was stuck in walls at least once every 15 minutes and had to take a death penalty to get unstuck (though unlike WoW it’s a really manageable death penalty). This was a PAIN IN THE ASS!

But not as much of a pain in the ass as the sound problems the lag caused.

Yes, I had my drivers installed Bioware help desk bot protocol droid rp people.

There isn’t an option for closed captioning (which I’m pretty sure is going to make the ADA go crazy), and with the lag I couldn’t hear music or the amazing voice acting that went into this game. It was literally a staticky garble the entire time. I ended up muting it it was so bad.

I wrote in my survey that if these server issues aren’t fixed a lot of people are going to be unhappy. This game is huge, and even when WoW launches a new expansion I have NEVER experienced lag like that before. Several times I turned if off in frustration. If you play between 2 am and 12 pm CST it was fine though. I imagine the time issues will stay the same due to peak activity over the long weekend. Just be forewarned.

And be forewarned I waited in queue 3 hours to log in. :-/

The only complaint I had about the game is a minor one that Bioware said they’re going to adjust soonish and that’s in relation to their storylines involving same gender romance arcs. Sorry, but I like to play pretty people, and though the companions are customizable to an extent, all the guys are gross looking. All the girls on the other hand are HAWT! I want to play my twilek girl with the other twilek hottie girl. I don’t want to run around as a boy, even a very effeminate Zefron looking one, just so I can hang out with hottie girls and run romance story arcs. I want to be in the girls’ club man! But they said they’re not adding SGRAs until maybe patch one or two. MAYBE. That’s irritating, especially after DA2. So I guess I won’t explore my dark tinted Jedi girl’s more carnal emotions for a while. Le sigh.

Great game though, amazing game, be aware of the issues and report report report so this will be the best game possible come December 20th.


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E3 Reviews

Here are my reviews from E3 this year. Overall I was pretty disappointed, but there’s some good stuff out there, too.

If you love gratuitous violence and beautiful people like Jeri Ryan, Tahmoh, and Michael Jai White, CHECK OUT MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY! It’s graphic and wonderful.

Now, to finish up E3:

War in the North – BAD ASS!

Stardrone – freaking cool Pacman meets sonic

White Knight Chronicles – looked neat. Not so sure about the gameplay though…

EVE online looks really bad ass. It’s like what the Firefly MMO should be if it ever gets off the ground.

Star Trek Infinite Space reminds me of Rogue squadron, which I’m not a fan of.

Blades of Time? That was lame and short!

Child of Eden looks cool but Meh, not overly impressed

Dragon’s Crown – old school side scroller with ridiculously slutty characters. I was too busy laughing at the graphics to pay attention to the gameplay. I may need this at some point LOL

KIRBY WII! OMG I MUST OWN THIS!!! It’s like they FINALLY went back to old school classic Kirby and what made it great. What Super Mario Bros Wii did for the return of the franchise. SO EXCITED!!!

Batman Arkham City looks really cool, but not like OMG I WANT THIS! Just cool.

So in conclusion, my to buy list:

LOTR Online, Rise of Isengard

LOTR War in the North

Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Mass Effect 3

Halo 4

Age of Empires Online

Spider Man Edge of Time


EVE Online


and of course…

For the second E3 in a row we’ve been left with nothing but longing…

and questions…


Bioware stop acting like Blizzard kthxbai!


Old school 64 games in 3d – rolls eyes.

I want to squee at Animal Crossings, but i’m not buying another new system.


Resident Evil Revelations – JILL IS BACK!!! HUZZAH! Note: anyone know the name of the arcade style resident evil that came out a couple years ago where you just point and shoot?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Nice! I’m glad we can actually punch zombies now!

Wii U – I thought it was a portable wii. OMG I LOVE THIS NEW CONTROLLER! PLEASE TO BE HAVING ITZ RITE NAW!!!!!!!!!!

Karaoke Revolution Glee – you continue to fail me Konami. American Idol and the rest were SOOOOOO good and you just fail so much. SO MUCH!

Again New Zelda, baby Jesus in heaven is weeping at what you have done to Link. YOU MADE BABY JESUS CRY! Just saying…

And my reviews from yesterday pasted below:

Fable – graphics rock sounds stupid.

Bioshock carnival? WTF!

Mass Effect 3 – why do I not own an XBox? Dammit this one looks cool. Youtubing cut scenes post launch.

Halo 4 – Did Samus finally leave the sinking ship that is Nintendo games this year? Again, why don’t I own an XBOX!!!

Age of Empires – YES PLEASE!

Gotham City Impostors – Team Fortress with comic books? haha that’s awesome.

LOTR War in the North – HECKS YEAH! It’s like Conquest but better! Well, missing Sauron though. I really need to get the Aragorn game at some point. Add that to the list would ya? 😉

Still super pissed about Luigi’s Fracking Mansion 2 and killing Zelda. UGH NINTENDO WHY! Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo more than anything. It is my bread and butter. I love their hardware. I used to love their games. WTF Nintendo. W. T. F!

I love the Spider-Man games because the game play is kick ass, but Spider Man Edge of Time might have just made me squee a little bit.

Alice: Madness just made my life. I’m pretty sure if Tim Burton made Kingdom Hearts then had a baby with the Henson creature shop while on an acid trip during an epic Resident Evil 2 playthrough this would be the by product.

Orcs Must Die – couldn’t not look. Now I’m disappointed such a cool sounding game could be so BLAH!


Please, for the love of God, let Old Republic be more awesome than the stupid last Star Wars MMO that made baby Jesus weep in heaven while he killed kittens. And let it live up to the hype unlike *cough* Force Unleashed COUGH COUGH Spore *cough COUGH*

Also, Old Republic, you used my favorite Star Wars soundtrack song for your opening. Again, if you screw this up… Gonna be so mad. Also, your racism against Macs is not appreciated. Just saying…

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E3 reviews

Ok I know I am late, but better late than never right?

Overall I am pretty disappointed in Nintendo. Nintendo 3ds looks STUPID! So does Epic Mickey. They did a game just like that for gamecube and it was made of fail. Kirby looks lame, too. And Zelda? So we’re going to use old school Link to get everyone excited and then use animation and gameplay from stupid windwaker? ARG! *Headdesk*

Things I am looking forward to:
New Donkey Kong, Civilization V, Star Wars Old Republic, FABLE 3, Assassins Creed, PORTAL 2!!!!, Gears of War, Assassins Creed, new Halo, Call of Duty, End of Nations, and that there is a new Kingdom Hearts coming out, but since there are no details and it looks like it will be for 3ds I will be pretty pissed to have to buy a new console to play it.

I need some games with thought and not shoot em ups or button mashing. I need some plot, like really old school Zelda, Mario, Star Wars, Resident Evil, etc. KINGDOM HEARTS! Plot please?

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