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People suck. You just have to deal with it and move on. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s sad.

Sometimes people start off as your friend and betray you. Sometimes you can’t trust anyone and you get hurt. It’s completely solitary and alone because you have to be careful of what you say and who you say it to, or if you don’t say anything at all.

You have to say no. No to yelling. No to attitude. No to working too damn hard.

Being respected is better than being liked.

Children come first. Sometimes that screws up schedules and messes things up, but their well being comes first in all things.

A meaningful lesson is one that resonates with them, one they internalize and own. Worksheets, evaluation, and textbooks are not enough. They need autonomy to own it.

Students autonomy and individuality is the most important thing. They are not beneath us, they just lack experience, and deserve to be treated as people and not cattle being herded or hoodlums.

Respect. Respect. Respect. Give it to get it.

If you can make the abstract concrete, anyone can grasp it.

Get them out of their chairs.

Working in groups helps SOOO much in many different levels.

Language barriers are difficult but not impossible.

Discouragement is there to help you along the way. It makes you know you’re doing your job.

You have to care. Even when it hurts. Even when it kills you. Because some of them have no one to care.

You have to get it out of your system because otherwise you will make everyone else crazy. Balance.

People have and will continue to insult me for the job I do. They will disvalue my morals, my ideas about race, and my intelligence. I know the job I do is worthwhile. I know it’s hard. I know it’s looked down upon and I’m looked down upon, but I know what I am doing is needed and necessary. I don’t care what other people who don’t know me or what is going on think. My husband cares and sees the difference I am making. My kids need someone like me. I won’t give up.

Adults are worse than children. They should know better than to name call, spread rumors, and be ungrateful for the excessive amount of work that is expected of us, and the extra we volunteer for or are voluntold to do.

People will judge a white person in an inner city school. The kids will judge you till you prove that you are different and understand them. White people will judge you and treat you badly because of the job you do.

If you can’t connect with them, they will not learn.

You have to loosen up. If you can’t beat them, join them.

People will bite your head off for breathing. You just have to shrug it off.

People will use you and try to suck you dry if you don’t stop them.

People are vindictive and will take vengeance on you for no reason.

Giving a presentation about cultural awareness and globalization will result in old people hating you and being against you in every way possible. You just have to stick to your morals, your guns, and know what you do is right.

Just keep swimming. Things will pull back up, even at the lowest lows.


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Movement is essential for engagement

Kids love to laugh

Embarrassment is arbitrary when it’s the teachers.

Sometimes you should just say no because you’re tired and overworked, but sometimes not saying no is what a student needs.

Hope destroys every negative feeling, so does compassion and encouragement.

Nothing else matters but these kids and knowing they’re cared about. They will learn for you if they thing you care.

You do not understand sacrifice until you hear a story from a child.

It’s all worth it to see them smile. To get a hug. To have their love.

Adults suck. Kids are cruel but at least they have the excuse that they don’t know better. Adults being petty, starting rumors, being jealous, etc. are absolutely awful.

Administrators who are cruel and rude for no reason suck.

Encouragement from peers and supervisors is essential.

Sometimes you feel so alone and broken down, but then something happens that takes your breath away and you realize you can’t give this up. There’s too much at stake. Too many people to love and help.

At the end of the day, I am so tired. SO tired. Especially after long, stressful, draining weeks.

In the end, it’s all worth it.

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Yes, this n00b who spent a lot of time commenting on forums, signing up for nings, and sharing info on blogher to whore out my blog to readers is going on hiatus. I know you’re all disappointed (haha yeah right), but it is a short hiatus. Thursday-Monday I am relishing in the last bit of Spring Break with the hubs and some friends by going backpacking. Well, ok not the whole time, but I need some time to get my crap together before I have 9 weeks of torture, I mean consistency, without a break. So please try not to implode while I am gone, or at least link me any major drama because I’m going to be way behind on my reading since I’ll be hiking in a gorge and crapping in the wilderness. And all this while being severely allergic to chlorophyll. Long pants are my friends dear readers because otherwise my body swells up like a giant tomato. There are pictures, but not sharing those today. Muahahaha.

So keep on keeping on and know I’ll miss you. *sniffle*

Feel free to leave me comments and such, since I’ll love coming home to the love of you all. Also, if there are some amazing boards or nings I should check out to share more instant communication and meet more wonderful, witty people, please link me! Or if you could explain blogher to me. kthxbai lovvis!

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Was my favorite princess growing up and as a former WDW cast member I am not ashamed. I felt very much like Cinderella today. Besides regular chores getting done today, we have accomplished the unthinkable: cleaning out our closets.

This task was much bigger than it sounds. 10 bags of clothes and shoes bigger than it sounds. Mostly this was clothes from high school we needed to get rid of, and I feel so gluttonous telling you how many trash bags full of clothes we had. These clothes were pure crap. Mostly free or on very very extreme sale. Definitely worn to the point of threadbare irrecognition. Yeah, I made up a word. I’m an author and English teacher. Deal with it. hehe.

So my allergies are sucking from the dust. I feel so wasteful to be throwing this stuff out, well we are donating it to my school but still. We don’t have a lot of clothes and shoes to replace it with. I mean realistically we don’t need as much as we currently have, but still. Something about the abused, hoarding soul in me is just like screaming about these clothes. What if our heater breaks and we need 87 million layers? What if I have kids someday who may like grunge?

I also just want to throw a shout out to all those bloggers who put themselves out there. Who talk about difficult topics and allow cathartic experience and venting to take place. You all rock and are not appreciated enough. And anyone that is hating on anyone else in the interwebs should shut up. I appreciate all of you immensely. I think blogging is a worthwhile endeavor that allows people to vent, connect, and develop as human beings. Sure, there are going to be haterz out there, and so be it, but just know I appreciate you.

Though I am not going to go as crazy as the blog lady on House. 😉

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