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Here they be spoilers for the I Kissed a Girl, which is NOT a lesbian anthem by the way episode of Glee.  So if you haven’t watched the 11/29 episode of Glee or you think they handled their race and sexuality issues well don’t click this. Because I am quite upset about the episode.


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1. Last night I went to the extended edition of Two Towers dressed as Merry. It was pretty fabulous for putting the costume together from other pieces I had laying around in about an hour. LOTR was pretty amazing, too.

2. I am trying to go through our crap, cook all of our food, and keep some semblance of sanity. Mostly I end up exercising and writing/reading after I work for a couple of hours then lose track of time and feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. I need to sleep and write less I think.

3. Did I tell you guys that I got squicked out for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER?! Dudes! I have a minor in human sexuality, write erotica, and have been VERY involved in fandom. I read, write, edit, etc. And nothing really surprises me. I even used to play a game with a couple of bros where they tried to make me uncomfortable and always OBLITERATED the line and sent them away screaming and covering their ears. So, yeah, CRAZY!

4. Between writing a lot, reading a lot, I’ve also actually played some video games! This is more than a little impressive to me, but also makes me feel guilty for blowing more time. Why isn’t there more time in the day? GRR!

5. The rabbit has decided she likes to jump on the coffee table, pull out a kleenex from the box, then run off and chew it. Weirdo!

6. We went to a medieval faire on Saturday and it was freaking amazing! The best one I’ve ever been to! They actually had themed sets and the shows were pretty hilarious. I was disappointed with the vendors though because their prices have gone up considerably since Scarborough last year. I was also impressed that almost all of the vendors and shows were at Scarborough, so faire folk are like con folk that go from place to place sporting their goods and shows. DUDE I WANT TO BE A CRAZY LUSTY BUSTY WENCH! Dear Medieval Faire people, I could make insinuations about codpieces while having my boobs pushed out to next week. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Too bad I’m moving to Switzerland. Oh well, their SCA focuses on old west stuff so I’m sure as an okie I can find a job over there doing something similar LOL. Be like a saloon girl or something.

Well, it’s time for me to go accomplish something now. BAI!

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What a DAY!

I am so excited! Like I am about to puke I am so excited.

1. I love TANGLED! It is totally my life. To the point of creepy scariness.

2. My good friend Brian is coming into town TOMORROW and we are going to have lunch and talk about writing! He’s like my one writing buddy! WOOT!

3. I am supposed to find out if I got my dream job this week. Here’s hoping.

4. It’s 2 weeks until I get to go to Boston with my BEST FRAND!

5. I MAY HAVE FINALLY FOUND A LITERARY AGENT! HUZZAH!!! Please excuse me while I freak out some more! KTHXBAI! I am really hoping I didn’t jinx it with all of this bouncing around. CMON GOOD ENERGY! You just gotta believe it will happen right? 😉

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