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As you all already know I’m sure, this weekend is going to be the last beta weekend for Star Wars The Old Republic and EVERYONE is invited! Here’s some things of note when I played.

Empire storylines are WAY better than Republic, but Republic zones and people are prettier.

You can be REALLY evil really fast on the empire storylines, and kinda evil on the republic ones. I only got to level 6 on my Jedi Consular and level 11 on my Sith Inquisitor, though.

The amount of customization will make you want to vomit. Bioware spared no expense here. There are hundreds of combinations, just to start, and the cut scenes reflect your choices. Down to doing what every girl does when she gets a new barbie and strips them down naked. Mine ended up in her skivvies in a cut scene. It was awesome. Well, except the grey granny panties all the girls wear. That wasn’t so much fun.

The amount of customization in the story lines is really ridiculous. Like KOTOR of old, you’re character can truly reflect your (or your made up) personality. Down to the making them feel guilt over force lightning someone to death. It was AWESOME!

Game wise, it’s phenomenal. I will play this game forever!

However, there are some things to be noted about the gameplay.

Some of the issues I mentioned in a previous post or two have been addressed, such as now having options to auto attack, autoloot, and auto target the next mob in a group. But there are some new gameplay issues that REALLY need to be addressed before launch date.

I understand the test I was involved in was a stress test meant to see how the server would do when overloaded. The server did not do well. Have you ever been walking through Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, on an expansion launch date or a preset server raid day, on an old pc that would burn you from trying to run the damn game, and your character is frozen in place and you wait ten minutes to take a step? Yeah. You know how that sucks? That’s how it was THE ENTIRE MOTHER FRACKING WEEKEND! I have NEVER been so disappointed with lag in my life. I died multiple times because of the lag. I was stuck in walls at least once every 15 minutes and had to take a death penalty to get unstuck (though unlike WoW it’s a really manageable death penalty). This was a PAIN IN THE ASS!

But not as much of a pain in the ass as the sound problems the lag caused.

Yes, I had my drivers installed Bioware help desk bot protocol droid rp people.

There isn’t an option for closed captioning (which I’m pretty sure is going to make the ADA go crazy), and with the lag I couldn’t hear music or the amazing voice acting that went into this game. It was literally a staticky garble the entire time. I ended up muting it it was so bad.

I wrote in my survey that if these server issues aren’t fixed a lot of people are going to be unhappy. This game is huge, and even when WoW launches a new expansion I have NEVER experienced lag like that before. Several times I turned if off in frustration. If you play between 2 am and 12 pm CST it was fine though. I imagine the time issues will stay the same due to peak activity over the long weekend. Just be forewarned.

And be forewarned I waited in queue 3 hours to log in. :-/

The only complaint I had about the game is a minor one that Bioware said they’re going to adjust soonish and that’s in relation to their storylines involving same gender romance arcs. Sorry, but I like to play pretty people, and though the companions are customizable to an extent, all the guys are gross looking. All the girls on the other hand are HAWT! I want to play my twilek girl with the other twilek hottie girl. I don’t want to run around as a boy, even a very effeminate Zefron looking one, just so I can hang out with hottie girls and run romance story arcs. I want to be in the girls’ club man! But they said they’re not adding SGRAs until maybe patch one or two. MAYBE. That’s irritating, especially after DA2. So I guess I won’t explore my dark tinted Jedi girl’s more carnal emotions for a while. Le sigh.

Great game though, amazing game, be aware of the issues and report report report so this will be the best game possible come December 20th.


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The most FANTASTIC story I have EVER read!!! I was pretty skeptical about the hype but I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife so much and have been looking for a similar book for years, and this had a review by the author of TTTW so I couldn’t resist. It’s really fantastic and sweet and soft without being sappy. It’s just like cotton candy or ice cream melting down your hand that you lick off softly on a hot summer day. It’s picnics by the lake, wandering into a hidden meadow, finding a waterfall or an old door in a secluded garden. It’s falling into a river from a rope swing or off a cliff on a hot and sticky day. It’s the best parts of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, but without the cheese. It’s succulent and luscious, rich and soft and subtle all at once. The plot is soft and subtle, like a mystery that’s unfolding and you don’t even realize there is a plot until it’s over. The romance is the most heart warming thing I have ever read. Subtle and passionate all at once.

The description and imagery is so thick and rich. I love all of the imagery, you can feel and see and smell and taste it, and the magic is fantastic. I love the side characters. I keep bookmarking the descriptions of the costumes because I want to make them.

The story follows 2 magicians brought together by fate in a game by their teachers. The world is their chess board. Each act is a move on the board. As they delve deeper into the game, their magic expands to create extravagant exhibitions inside a sort of circus. It’s not a stereotypical use magic to fight, but I was completely enthralled. You wander through the circus with the characters as the plot unfolds around you, thickening and deepening with each passing moment. I have not been so enchanted by a world since Harry Potter. I made myself slow down while I was reading so I could stay in the moment because I didn’t want to leave the beauty and wonder of the circus behind.

You need to get this book. Not go to the library, but go to a store and buy it. Leave it out on your coffee table. Tell everyone you know about it. This book makes you see the beauty of the world around you. All of the chaos and confusion artfully brought together as one, like a waltz you don’t realize is happening because you only see within and not the story as a whole. If you were to put paint on a ballerina’s feet and have her dance across a canvas, it would be this book. The smell of apple pie on a cool day and you pull your blanket or sweater tight around you in soft warmth and protection, that’s this book. When you look into someone’s eyes and the world seems to stop, the tightness building in your chest, that’s this book. The warm embrace of someone holding you to them with the desperate need to not let go, that’s this book. If you could bottle a sunset or the moves of an acrobat to be looked at day after day, it would be this book.


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HUZZAH! I read 3 books this week!

If you like dragons, this book is for you. An ancient race of beings, Draki are dragons that walk among us and have the ability to present themselves as human. The earth and gemstones make them stronger, singing to them, but Jacinda, the rarest type of Draki in existence, loses all of this when she almost trapped by hunters. In a moment of desperate fear, her mother takes her away to the dessert to snuff the dragon out of her.

But as much as her mother wants her to, Jacinda can’t deny the animal within her. Can Jacinda befriend an enemy and return to her people? Can she leave her family behind to be with her kind? Follow Jacinda as she makes this Sophie’s Choice about who she is and who others want her to be.

Have you ever felt like you were the Ugly Fat Friend? You’re not alone there my dear. When snotty school pretty boy, Westley, calls Bianca the DUFF of her group of friends, it sends her reeling. Bianca starts pushing everybody away, everybody except Westley, who she can’t seem to get enough of. As her life unravels around her, Bianca turns to Westley to blow off some steam, and in turn blow off everything else for a few moments of silence. She’s playing a dangerous game with all of the secret meetings with this boy she claims to hate.

But there’s something different about this bad boy with the cocky attitude.

Bianca’s dealing with a lot because of her parents, and the only reprieve she gets is in her fling with Westley when she can turn off her mind and surrender to her baser urges. She thinks she’s just using Westley for sex, but soon it becomes way more than that.

This book was phenomenal. There’s a lot of heat and passion surrounding a really home situation. You’re cheering for Bianca the entire way, that is if you’re not condemning her. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the plot twist near the end. I won’t say anything about it so as to avoid spoilers, but I felt it was unnecessary. I think the author could have done more dealing with Bianca’s feelings and development away from throwing in some alternate characters and awkward dialogue. She should trust her characters to carry the story without adding anything else in. It was overkill. But again, PHENOMENAL! Keplinger really captured how teens are really the adults of yesteryear dealing with adult emotions, urges, and problems in their own way.

A Storm of Swords

Damn. I don’t even know where to begin with this review. Damn.

I’m really glad I met Martin before I read this book because I would probably punch him in his face.

The second book was a little slow, whereas this book, days after I finished reading it, still has me reeling. I’ve never been this mad at a book since Harry Potter. I haven’t been this invested in a book since The Hunger Games (and House of Night, but the last 2 books have really soured me to the series). I almost threw my e-reader across the room. I can’t tell you any of the plot points because the whole book, from page one, is a giant spoiler.

If you haven’t picked up this series, DO. IT. NOW! Oh. My. Fracking. God. FOR REAL! Intrigue, lust, passion, power, deception, death, violence, DRAGONS, HOLY EFFING SHITE YO! Go get this book. Don’t walk. Don’t put it on your To Be Read list. Go get it NOW! It will change your world. Not playing or exaggerating.



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This week I finished three books, though I think I skipped a couple of books last time. No spoilers just some thoughts.

Maya Banks – Be With Me
I don’t really know what to say about this book…

A crime fighting police officer is attacked by a large man. As she is going through recovery, her three best friends step up to take care of her. She returns home with the three men where they discuss a night of drunken debauchery that was had a year ago. Can the guys convince the woman they love to throw societal norms to the curb and be with them?

This book was a little weird and vanilla for me. I’m usually really into polyamory, and the characters were great and well done, but at times they fell flat. I was disappointed by the female lead’s (I can’t even remember her name) at times wishy washy nervous attitude then a huge transformation in a few pages and seducing each of the men. I wasn’t fond of the flowery description. I’m more of a nitty gritty romance reader and things like swords and sheaths and buds kind of irk me. But if that’s your flavor, and you’re interested in a powerful woman lead whop takes her situation into her own hands, PICK THIS UP!

Rough, Raw, and Ready by Lorelei James
This story is the continuation of Trevor and Edgard from Long Hard Ride. Trevor has settled down with a life and a wife when Edgard Mancuso, his Brazilian former roping partner. The tension runs high as Edgard and Trevoe battle acting out on their feelings for each other and they wonder about how they’re going to break the news to Trevor’s wife, Chassie. But when Chassie gets scared by the guys, she runs to her cousin who opens her eyes to the possibilities that lie within. But can Edgard, Trevor, and Chassie really blend their relationship?

I absolutely loved this book. James writes some amazing tension and romance that wasn’t over the top or exceptionally purple. I love her down and dirty, but not raunchy, style. My only complaint with this book was I felt Chassie’s and Edgard’s internal struggles weren’t as well illustrated as they could be.

A definite must read for anyone who likes hot cowboys, realistic romance, and unbridled passion.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Not gonna lie, I picked this up since Emma Watson is supposed to be in the movie. I read this book in an hour. It’s a quick read of a boy going through his first year of high school and the drama that comes with. Interesting.

On Writing by Stephen King

The opening about his life was pretty tedious, but a lot of his writing ideas really resonated with me. Like the question he presents at the beginning of a story, writing to situations, and a million details about character, conciseness, and publishing were really insightful. I’ve been slacking on writing this week, and probably will be over the next little while, but I have so many plot bunnies it’s pretty ridiculous.

And as a side note, Scrivener is made of love and kind of making my life right now.

I am currently reading Game of Thrones 2, which I am in LOVE with, and debating between a LONG list of YA books and a Star Wars Darth Bane (?) I picked up this week. Ah… Reading. Love!

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I am watching this movie as I type this. I’m probably going to watch it at least 9 times today. But not for the reason you think.

We’ll start with the good stuff.

James McAvoy is love. Just going to throw that out there. He did SUCH A GOOD JOB of mimicking Patrick Stewart’s movements and mannerisms. And he stayed so true to who Charles is without making it over the top. I was really impressed. And here’s the real reason why I’m going to watch this movie over and over and over again: Charles/Eric. They did such a good job expanding on their relationship. I loved their connection; their almost need and dependency on each other. Guys are generally very reserved with their feelings and to see these two men create a bond like that is something really special. *swoons* I really liked that they put depth in Eric. He wasn’t just the evil bad guy like he was sometimes portrayed as in the comics. There’s this gray area he’s fallen into and that is pretty amazing that they were able to capture his pain, and Charles’s pain at the loss. Battle scenes were done pretty well. I liked how they included the CMC and stayed true to the period.

Now for the frustrations.

I went into the movie like I go into a Harry Potter movie and expect it to be different. I don’t want it to be exactly like the books. Movies are different and should be able to express themselves differently than the book. However, there were some serious problems with this movie that I can’t seem to reconcile.

I didn’t like the way they introduced Mystique. I thought it was awkward. I could go into how I didn’t like the changes they made to Charles either, specifically surrounding his back story and the end, but such is life. It did add an extra component to the Charles/Eric relationship, though, and I liked that. I also didn’t like the Beast story line. First of all, I always pictured and heard Beast as Frasier. So that was a bit disappointing there, but my main concern was the make-up. Beast was BEAST in X3, but he looked like a blue big foot in this one and I was more than a little upset about it. S! M! H!

But the biggest thing for me is the movies ridiculous focus on a cure rather than acceptance. They completely miss the tone and theme of X-Men. And the funny thing is, the world we live in today is focused on the individual. What better way to focus on the individual than focusing on dealing with being an extraordinary outcast? But no, we can’t make anybody special. Everyone should strive towards the status quo. We can’t have a few people stand out and be extraordinary because then people might feel bad. It’s like when 4 or 5 years ago I went to a high school graduation and a class of 200+ had over 100 valedictorians. 100 valedictorians?! That’s stupid. Instead of making a few people feel special, we made the majority of the class be valedictorian.

So, I don’t think the film makers captured the real theme of X-Men, but there’s so much boy love I can’t not watch this over and over. Oh wait, they’re staring into each others’ eyes as Charles motivates Eric to take control of his anger. Melting.

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