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It was a pretty stressful week last week. We were told they didn’t renew our room for another month and would be homeless in 2 weeks. I was freaking out looking for other extended stay hotels since most were really expensive or not close to a bus or didn’t take pets. So we looked at some apartments and were freaking out because in order to get in touch with them we have to speak French and I don’t know enough of any other language to talk to them.

This fountain is over 250 meters tall

But then Steven went and talked to the front desk people and suddenly NOW we can renew our room. Smashes head.

Our car was supposed to arrive mid-September. For some reason it’s not going to arrive now until mid-October, which pretty much sucks. We’re planning on getting an apartment in October and trying to move with the bus that doesn’t run on Sunday will be kinda sucky. But, we found a really good deal to rent a car for 6 weeks for like $600, so we’re excited about getting to explore more of Geneva and Frantzerland. We’re also excited about getting paid this week! Yay for real groceries! No more Ramen noodles! HUZZAH!

Last weekend I was determined to get out of the house for a little while. So we went grocery shopping really early, fought the mobs of people again but this time we were prepared for it so it wasn’t as bad, then brought groceries back and took the bus downtown. So we rode the bus downtown and went out to the huge fountain. It was firing at over 250 meters that day, so yeah, HUGE FOUNTAIN! The water sends off like a mist and you walk out to it on this tiny, slippery rock bridge thing without handrails. Naturally I was like don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall. And I didn’t. Occasionally the wind would catch the huge stream of water and it would land on the rock path. People were screaming and soaked. It was great! But due to my clumsiness and wearing jeans I decided not to go run in it this time. We stood in the dry zone right by the nozzle and took pictures of all the people though. That was fun.

And apparently swans are the Canadian geese of Switzerland. They’re horrible beggars that come right up to you to get food and chase off other smaller ducks. It was pretty awesome though to have like all these swans swimming around us with out feet in the water.


We took the bus to this place called The Rive. It’s an outdoor shopping district, which is really cool, but it’s all like ritzy American shops and I was not impressed. It makes me mad that American franchises come over here and try to put American values and Capitalism worship over here. It’s ridiculous that there’s a McDonald’s inside churches or historical landmarks. It really makes me mad. It’s like colonialism only more subversive. At least the British were like hey South Africa! We’re taking over all your stuff! What now, Bitchez! Americans are like buy our stuff, like our stuff, this historical building would make a great H&M. What’s that? You don’t yet worship the almighty Apple? Baby Steve Jobs in glasses is crying right now! All praise the dollar. And the Kit-Kat. Can you tell I don’t like the subtle promotion of American products, shows, and values in other places?

Last time I talked about how if you look at prices as units then they’re about the same? Well, with the exception of things like gas which is like 1.70 Euros a liter. Do the math you whiners about you’re $3 gas. Boo on you! Anyway, prices aren’t that much more. We’ve been getting a lot of boxed soups and pasta with jarred sauce because we don’t have a lot of room to cook and we were dirt broke. Prices were about the same. $1 for a kilo instead of a pound of pasta. Similar prices for rice and jarred sauce. We haven’t done a lot of meat but I’ll update on that next. We got magnum ice cream bars because they are AMAZINGLY good! I’m kind of in love with them. Now I’m going to have to go get one. Hang on.

Okay, I’m back. MMM Magnum get in my mouth. I was stupid and ate one of these on a street corner waiting for the bus with Steven. Let’s say the male drivers were not exactly polite in their gestures as I ate my ice cream. I made Steven stand in front of me though, so it’s all good.

Anyway, some things are cheaper. Like we got 9 liters of water for 1 Euro. You can get 12 liters in America for $5. And the pasta really is cheaper. A kilo is a bit more than a pound. And snack food is cheap! Huge bags of chips for 1 Euro, giant boxes of chocolate including brands like Kinder and Toblerone for a Euro or 2, boxes of 4 magnum ice cream bars for 1.60 Euros, huge bunches of parsley about the size of 3 of what we were getting in the states for .75 Euro. The rabbit food and litter is healthier and cheaper. They have all kinds of hay (she’s been eating really well this month). We can get furniture that’s really nice pretty cheap, like $600 Euros for a sofa, coffee table, and pillows that push together to make a bed (it’s one of those kinda squishy coffee tables like the storage ottomans). Some electronics are really expensive, like laptops, but you can get really cheap cell phone service with Orange and TVs are actually pretty cheap, too. And there’s the excellent bus service that comes at most every 15 minutes once you are actually in Geneva and not BFE France. So there’s that. It’s pretty affordable, too, if you only go around Geneva. It’s the crossing zones to the outskirts like where we are that get pretty expensive pretty fast.

Next on the agenda is going out to the UN, getting a fan for Steven’s office, and probably going to try and take a trip somewhere fun for Steven’s birthday. I’m going to go eat this ice cream before it drips on the keyboard.


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I know Blair isn’t hosting this anymore, but I feel personally attached to the accountability it causes so I’m going to keep occasionally writing McFatty Monday posts.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, and I’m determined to continue my weight loss journey. This has proven to be a pretty stressful time and exercise helps me to relax. What better way to battle my stress than by taking care of my body?

But I do get discouraged with the slower results at times. I look and see where I’ve come from and I sometimes I still feel like I’m that heavy, like I’ll never look quite right, like this plateau will never end. Sometimes I want to just throw in the towel and give it up. What’s all this sweat and hard work for anywhere?

Then I get a little nugget of encouragement in my inbox and realize that fitness, exercise, money, whatever is all a mind over matter issue. It’s all about what we think and whether we let the negativity some of us have been surrounded in pull us down or we choose to rise above and keep hope in our life. If I think I’m always going to be this way, I will. If I think about what I really am, what I’m striving to be, then I know that I’ll grow.

So here’s some encouragement for you today. And not just for weight loss, but for life. http://charlottesiems.com/success-stories-helped-lose-100-pounds

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I had a pretty rotten child hood. I often attempted to escape from the things going on around me in books and tv shows. I didn’t have a lot of friends because I was a know-it-all, bossy, didn’t give a rat what you thought I was going to do my own thing and if it meant sitting on the swing reading my book myself I was perfectly happy with that. At the same time, I was desperate for attention and love, for somebody to care about ME! To put ME first! To do things for and about ME! I just wanted them to do it my way. Not much has changed…

When I was 13 I saw this green cover of a MASSIVE book with some messy haired kid on it. I was like, HEY IT’S A SERIES! I won’t have to say good-bye to the characters I love and know as friends quite so fast. So I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter changed my life.

Here was a boy who was growing up in similar circumstances, who is kind of unlikable, and finds out he is special. He’s whisked away to a magical place where he makes friends and has adventures. It gave me hope when Hermione was being picked on for being a bossy know-it-all that someday people will understand me and care about me, too. It made me think how someday I will be surrounded with love and family like the Weasley’s, both of which abandoned their families to make a life for themselves with their brood of red-headed young ‘ins. I became completely engrossed, reading whole books in a few hours. Scouring the internets for information about new books. Watching and reading EVERY Rowling interview. I dressed up and went to book premieres. I plotted with people about all the possibilities of what would happen.

Harry Potter became my escape and my life redefined in terms that brought me joy.

Then I met in a class and I realized there were other people out there like me that shared this passion. We talked and role played for hours about the Marauders, the characters I truly loved. We made up costumes and went to premieres together. I found fanfiction and fanart and community. Some of my greatest friends I met through a book about a rag tag group of misfits at a Wizarding School. I was inspired to go into teaching and work with kids because of Harry Potter. I had hopes, dreams, community, love, and friendship because of a boy wizard I found when I was 13.

In 2007, I was devastated when the last book came out. I didn’t like Deathly Hallows, I felt it was cheap, and I swore off Harry Potter. I spent hours tearing down the Oder of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince movies. I felt like a relationship gone bad filled with bitterness. But I still wrote fanfiction, started winning some awards for my fanfiction, and I just couldn’t let it go. I realized that yay, the ending might have been shite, but dammit it was Harry Potter. Those books made me the person I am today. I couldn’t just deny all those years for nothing.

Do I still bear rage for J.K. Rowling and some of her ridiculous writing decisions, and even more ridiculous stupidities when she opens her mouth to tell people about HER characters? Yes. Does it infuriate me when she cheapens things like Remus’s lycanthropy and the female characters losing all determination and drive to make babies? HELL YES!

But you know what?

At the end of the day, I’ve realized I can leave out all of the cheap tricks, all the commentary, and I can live in my world with the characters that I grew and loved and understood in ways that I felt other people didn’t. I can relish in the joys of the Marauders and the adventures of the Trio by putting my own spin on it. And to deny myself that, is to deny me part of who I am.

Thank you, Harry, for teaching me what family, love, loyalty, and friendship really mean.

For giving me hope.

The ones who love us never really leave us. And Harry lives on for me, and always will.

Give her hell from us, Peeves.

Mischief Managed

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I had $60 in coupons for Old Navy. I got 4 pairs of jeans for $30 and GUESS WHAT?!?! They’re a size 10! I’m so proud of me! So since the beginning of March, when I started exercising, I’ve gone from a tight 16 to a tight 10! I’ve lost 12 inches around my butt!!! I’m super excited! I’ve worked really hard and that I could wiggle into these really makes me happy. Now I have to maintain it. I’m going to work really hard to lose a couple more inches around my tummy and ass in the next two weeks so they’ll fit even better before I go to Vegas, but even in my 12s I am SUPER HAPPY!

AND, I got some inspiration for doing short workouts this morning from a T-Tapp trainer. I’m really excited about that, too. In a month she lost 5 inches doing a series of moves that I’ve been working on as well. My only question about it is she did it almost every day for a month whereas I’m doing it every other day. I wonder if I bump it up some if I can lose inches faster, but at the same time, I’m kinda liking the every other day and not doing something every day with exercise. Mostly because of time.

So, yay exercise and hard work! I’m feeling inspired this week. Just goes to show you that you have to stick it out when you’re discouraged and the results will come!

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Cuddle Attack

Steven is not a cuddler. I like to cuddle… a lot. It’s really bad when I’m sleeping. I sleep talk and laugh, but not nearly as much as I cuddle attack. While sleeping, I will roll over to whoever or whatever is next to me, glomp onto them with my arms, nuzzle my big honking head somewhere on their shouldery region, and throw my leg over them. This has been going on since I was a little girl and people called me the human pillow. My attacks were often met with hits, kicks, and bites. Or bending my neck back until I roll away. Which leads me to my story about last night.

I damn near lost my shit this morning. Steven has had a fever for a couple days now. Yesterday it was 104. I had about 27 thousand things to do and I didn’t sleep very much because he was hot and tossing and turning the night before. So we got up at 8 and start trying to get his fever down. A little worried, but he is responding to medicine and not being too pathetic. Decide to throw out the list of things to do for today and focus on taking care of him. I was awesome nurse extraordinaire.

Until last night.

I’m getting up every two hours to get him meds and I’m cool with that. Alarm is set and I’m ready to go. I put on 2 episodes of Star Trek, he’s asleep not even halfway through the first, and it’s about midnight when they’re over. TV is off. He decides he wants attention in his sleep, so he says.

Steven has talked in his sleep for years and is so sweet when he’s not aware that he’s talking, all smiles and weird. Twice in the last two weeks he’s woken me up talking and when I talk back he says “Shh, the angry man is coming. The angry man is coming.” Then he comes to, is all gruff, rough, and mean sounding and starts yelling at me about how I woke him up and I’m like DUDE you were talking to me. There’s a reason we call him Grinch. Ah well.

Anyway, he wants “to feel close to me,” he says, so he presses his hot bony leg in my side. Then he wants to drag his dragon talon toe nails down my shin. “She loves cuddles,” he says. This goes on for HOURS! I’m trying to get him to stop but he won’t. He is snoring like a bear intermittently this whole time, talking in his delirium. Now he wants to take all the blankets and push me off the bed. I’m considering kicking him to death and all of the other things he has done to remove me. He feels me get up to ditch him for the couch so starts whining that he doesn’t want me to leave. This is like 330 after laying there for 5 hours. Next he steals my pillows. I’m really possessive about my pillows. I sleep with a lot of them to prevent heart burn. Now I’m seriously raging and wanting to punch him in the face. I get my pillows back and lay on my stomach on top of them so he can’t have them. He grabs my leg and is shaking me telling me he likes to grab me and then snores and falls over.

It’s now six and he’s petting my head and rubbing my ear making weird noises. I can’t take it anymore. I get up and jump in the shower before I gut him. Maybe this is revenge for my cuddle attacks. Maybe we’re just some sort of odd couple trying to drive each other crazy so we (I) can tell the world.

A friend and I had an epic conversation about how to hide a body a la Dexter last week and cooking some nasty chili to be thrown out later sounds good to me. Wonder what’s for dinner? 😉

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