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I know Blair isn’t hosting this anymore, but I feel personally attached to the accountability it causes so I’m going to keep occasionally writing McFatty Monday posts.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, and I’m determined to continue my weight loss journey. This has proven to be a pretty stressful time and exercise helps me to relax. What better way to battle my stress than by taking care of my body?

But I do get discouraged with the slower results at times. I look and see where I’ve come from and I sometimes I still feel like I’m that heavy, like I’ll never look quite right, like this plateau will never end. Sometimes I want to just throw in the towel and give it up. What’s all this sweat and hard work for anywhere?

Then I get a little nugget of encouragement in my inbox and realize that fitness, exercise, money, whatever is all a mind over matter issue. It’s all about what we think and whether we let the negativity some of us have been surrounded in pull us down or we choose to rise above and keep hope in our life. If I think I’m always going to be this way, I will. If I think about what I really am, what I’m striving to be, then I know that I’ll grow.

So here’s some encouragement for you today. And not just for weight loss, but for life. http://charlottesiems.com/success-stories-helped-lose-100-pounds

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