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Today I am grateful for:

*my husband who has been trying to keep my fever down and helped me cook… some. 😉

*my bunny for always being cute.

*loved ones who took time to talk to me and make me feel less isolated.

*friends that feel like family.


*people that encourage my writing.

*brilliant writing and rp buddies that make me feel like I’m awesome and valued. And that appreciate my craziness.

*starting new traditions.

*my ingenuity and determination

*my homemade from scratch french fried onions which are OMG some of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten!

*a lovely holiday celebrating togetherness with the person I love most in our cozy little world.

*Switzerland and how it has literally stolen my heart because there are Christmas lights EVERYWHERE! I mean seriously, I’ve never seen more lights in one place in my life!

*Even if you don’t celebrate holidays, I send each of you good will and love during this cold and stressful, isolating season because you are all important to me and I love each and every one of you. We only get one chance at life, make it count. And though some of these holidays remind us of our loneliness or sad times, remember you are loved and you have the choice to focus on the bad or the good. I hope you choose the good.

All my love,



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I had a pretty rotten child hood. I often attempted to escape from the things going on around me in books and tv shows. I didn’t have a lot of friends because I was a know-it-all, bossy, didn’t give a rat what you thought I was going to do my own thing and if it meant sitting on the swing reading my book myself I was perfectly happy with that. At the same time, I was desperate for attention and love, for somebody to care about ME! To put ME first! To do things for and about ME! I just wanted them to do it my way. Not much has changed…

When I was 13 I saw this green cover of a MASSIVE book with some messy haired kid on it. I was like, HEY IT’S A SERIES! I won’t have to say good-bye to the characters I love and know as friends quite so fast. So I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter changed my life.

Here was a boy who was growing up in similar circumstances, who is kind of unlikable, and finds out he is special. He’s whisked away to a magical place where he makes friends and has adventures. It gave me hope when Hermione was being picked on for being a bossy know-it-all that someday people will understand me and care about me, too. It made me think how someday I will be surrounded with love and family like the Weasley’s, both of which abandoned their families to make a life for themselves with their brood of red-headed young ‘ins. I became completely engrossed, reading whole books in a few hours. Scouring the internets for information about new books. Watching and reading EVERY Rowling interview. I dressed up and went to book premieres. I plotted with people about all the possibilities of what would happen.

Harry Potter became my escape and my life redefined in terms that brought me joy.

Then I met in a class and I realized there were other people out there like me that shared this passion. We talked and role played for hours about the Marauders, the characters I truly loved. We made up costumes and went to premieres together. I found fanfiction and fanart and community. Some of my greatest friends I met through a book about a rag tag group of misfits at a Wizarding School. I was inspired to go into teaching and work with kids because of Harry Potter. I had hopes, dreams, community, love, and friendship because of a boy wizard I found when I was 13.

In 2007, I was devastated when the last book came out. I didn’t like Deathly Hallows, I felt it was cheap, and I swore off Harry Potter. I spent hours tearing down the Oder of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince movies. I felt like a relationship gone bad filled with bitterness. But I still wrote fanfiction, started winning some awards for my fanfiction, and I just couldn’t let it go. I realized that yay, the ending might have been shite, but dammit it was Harry Potter. Those books made me the person I am today. I couldn’t just deny all those years for nothing.

Do I still bear rage for J.K. Rowling and some of her ridiculous writing decisions, and even more ridiculous stupidities when she opens her mouth to tell people about HER characters? Yes. Does it infuriate me when she cheapens things like Remus’s lycanthropy and the female characters losing all determination and drive to make babies? HELL YES!

But you know what?

At the end of the day, I’ve realized I can leave out all of the cheap tricks, all the commentary, and I can live in my world with the characters that I grew and loved and understood in ways that I felt other people didn’t. I can relish in the joys of the Marauders and the adventures of the Trio by putting my own spin on it. And to deny myself that, is to deny me part of who I am.

Thank you, Harry, for teaching me what family, love, loyalty, and friendship really mean.

For giving me hope.

The ones who love us never really leave us. And Harry lives on for me, and always will.

Give her hell from us, Peeves.

Mischief Managed

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What a DAY!

I am so excited! Like I am about to puke I am so excited.

1. I love TANGLED! It is totally my life. To the point of creepy scariness.

2. My good friend Brian is coming into town TOMORROW and we are going to have lunch and talk about writing! He’s like my one writing buddy! WOOT!

3. I am supposed to find out if I got my dream job this week. Here’s hoping.

4. It’s 2 weeks until I get to go to Boston with my BEST FRAND!

5. I MAY HAVE FINALLY FOUND A LITERARY AGENT! HUZZAH!!! Please excuse me while I freak out some more! KTHXBAI! I am really hoping I didn’t jinx it with all of this bouncing around. CMON GOOD ENERGY! You just gotta believe it will happen right? 😉

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I won an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Bumped from my FAVORITE AUTHOR Megan McCafferty SQUEEEEE!

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blog love

Apparently I got some blog love from Em.

Em has a great blog about being a girl which I am so not good at. I found her at 20 something blog and she rocks hardcore. Go give her some love. http://emwampach-itsem.blogspot.com/

Em is awesome and thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Happiness is

*sitting at home with my best friend playing MarioKart Wii
*Wandering around Wal-Mart looking at games and toys for future kiddos
*Planning out a week of dinner in advance
*reading a great book
*nerding it up over birthday presents
*Window shopping for birthday money expenditures
*reading blogs online
*Freshly baked cookies
*An ice cream birthday cake

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I got my first blog award! WOOHOOT! Thanks Shayna from http://shaynaleahk.wordpress.com/ for awarding me the happy award! I was having a really hard couple of days, complete with personal meltdown, and I am thrilled to achieve the award!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the Nominator. My dearest academy, I mean Shayna, thank you for your kind words and uplifting blog. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out and do girl things together, but alas. Our online friendship has just begun and I already feel it blossoming.

2. List things that make you happy:
a. My husband and being home
b. getting recognition for my writing
c. Having a good day at work
d. Having work
e. Nerdy things like Star Trek and Stargate
f. Cheese. MMMMM
g. Reading excellent YA and YA blogs
h. getting appreciated. Period.

3. Tag some people (10) who are amazing and happy, or should be happy, and contact them. I’m doing more than 10 and a compilation of my favorite blogs.

Juliana of http://www.nitewriting.com
Johana of http://the-mercurial-wife.blogspot.com
Esther of http://my-lovesweettooth.blogspot.com/
Melme of http://melme.wordpress.com
SIF of http://singleinfertilefemale.blogspot.com/
Christina of http://themadhatterexpressway.blogspot.com
Meghan of http://theperfectcompilationtape.blogspot.com/
Lauren of http://laurenfromtexas.com
Kayla Aimee of http://kaylaaimee.typepad.com
Ashley of writingtoreachyou.com
Blair of http://thehairtoblair.com
Jenny of http://jenandtonica.com

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