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In this installment of bob I would like to talk about my sick obsession with baby girls. Girls dresses, clothes, shoes, cute little head bands, barrettes, etc. I had a friend who was pre go and we had a falling out. The original plan was to go over when the baby was a newborn and let her sleep. I would play with and take care of her child. I had decided a long time ago it would be a girl, even if it was a boy.

How can this be?

Because I’m the evil cool aunt. While mama was sleeping i would pull out the most elaborate, daisy kingdom, eight petticoated Easter dress and put it on the child with all of the shoes and bonnet trimmings. Why? Because you know like the anne gedde babies in flower things are so cute? Porcelain doll barely coherent babies dressed up like scarlet ohara are awesome! And if it was a boy all the better for the senior pictures or stereotypical graduation slideshow.

I’m going to hell…


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I have baby brain. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s making me crazy. Pregnant people terrorize me constantly. I see them everywhere. They remind me of my unused and shriveling up uterus. I want kids so bad, but The hubs and I have decided to wait until we have jobs and are more financially stable. Which is great and wonderful, but in the mean time I am surrounded by reminders of all the things I want and can’t have.

Yesterday we went and watched oceans which was not as good as earth. We also fought and argued about nothing. Why? Because we are both stressed out about the future. Where will we live this summer since we decided baby sitting cats we are both allergic to is a no go? Where will we work? Where will we move? I’m scared shitless to say the least, and so is he. This has happened to us before and it’s always turned out ok, but I’m still stressed about it.

Tapping on the iPad is love.

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